08 December 2010 Drifting among my nightmares!

I don’t understand anything.  I don’t understand myself anymore. I will like to be simpler, or someone to explain to me how it works. Pages and pages of dreams are passing by me and all the flashbacks that throw me back in to the nightmare. Why won’t you come and set me free? Tell me the truth, or lie to me nicely, no matter what you do, just kill my pain, once again.
Or once and forever.
I remember the first time that I meet you. You came to me like an angel. You ask for some light. We smoked few cigarettes. We talked about everything. It was the first and the last time when I felt normal beside you. Everything had changed after that day. At least i was changed. And you are to blame.
I will never forget you, and i will never forgive you. How can I forget the most beautiful thing that happened in my life? How can I forgive the one who ruined me?
Because of you i don’t know anymore the difference from past, present or future. I will like to understand what happened then.
Reading this article, probably, you understand that she's the one who destroyed my hopes.
I still waiting for you on the bench, hoping that you come to me and you will say “I’m sorry”.
But it’s too late.
I will like to say "fuck you". You will smile and say: "been there, done that". Anyway, probably that it only make you wish to screw me one more time.
No thank you.
With due respect! Marius,Toma
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Ananda said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Been there,done that, honey ;)

Toma Marius said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

been there,love,done that,u are right!

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