08 December 2010 twisted words

In the name of the country and the king.
I am no “gentleman’s club” type.
I don’t live for my country. 
I don’t want to live for my king.
I just want to live my life.
Life it's already complicated enough.
What did my country for me?  
What did the king for me?
I do not believe in patriotism. 
I do not believe in promises.
I do not believe in anything. 
Not even in me.  
This is me.

Do you believe in me? 
Do you trust me?   

Trust yourself. 
Less chances for you to be disappointed.   
That does not mean you will not be. 
But you can blame yourself if you want.  
It's easier that way.
Everyone else does not care about your problems.  
The country does not care about your problems. 
The king does not care about your problems. 

I do not care.  

Why should I care?

With due respect! Marius,Toma

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